Service User Representatives Forum (SURF)



The Bradford and Airedale Service User Representatives Forum (SURF) gives a voice to you, the service user. We aim to make sure that your opinions, perspectives and unique experiences help to develop drug and alcohol treatment services in the Bradford and Airedale District.

SURF encourages partnership between service users, staff and commissioners. SURF will promote education, training and employment for all service users in the District.


The service user representative’s forum (SURF) is a group of around twelve service user reps from agencies across the District. Each month they meet to discuss any issues that have come up in the agencies they represent. They also discuss District wide decisions that affect service users.

SURF members go to meetings where commissioners (people who make decisions about funding services) and managers plan how to make services better. They consult with service users so that their views can help shape plans for the future.

If you have views or feedback you wish to share ask for details of your SURF rep in your agency.

Service user involvement could give you:


Need help with drugs

Services available to those with Drug problemsBradford and Airedale now have a wide range of services available to those with Drug problems

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Need help with Alcohol

Services for people with alcohol problemsBradford and Airedale have a range of services available to those with Alcohol problems.

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