Taking the first steps to a Fresh Start

in Bradford and Airedale couldn't be Easier...

Earlier this year two New Services were launched across Bradford & Keighley to help people take the first steps to Recovery from Substance Misuse.

TheFresh Start’ Recovery Hubs are hosted by The Bridge Project in Bradford and Project 6 in Keighley, and working in collaboration with other local service providers, act as the main access points into the Bradford & Airedale recovery system for anyone looking for help with a drug problem.

The aim of Fresh Start is to identify the most effective and individually tailored way of helping people move towards recovery.  By providing a range of focussed, intensive support in the early stages of entering the recovery system, everyone engaging effectively with Fresh Start will have an increased chance of becoming and remaining drug free.

All new referrals into structured treatment in Bradford and Airedale will need to be made through Fresh Start, and the assessment should normally start within 48 hours of a referral being received.

Fresh Start is open Monday to Friday, and will be staffed by professionals from a range of services in order to offer the following support:

• Full comprehensive assessment
• Detailed individual Care Plan
• Frequent appointments with a dedicated substance misuse worker
• Full health check from Physical Health Nurse Team
• Access to blood borne virus testing and vaccinations
• Specialist GP prescribing
• Access to mental health support
• Help with criminal justice issues
• Housing professionals able to offer advice & support onsite
• Benefits & debt advice
• Outreach service from Job Centre Plus
• Referral onto community drug services, inpatient and community detoxification options, residential rehab, mutual aid, family & parenting support, concerned other support, & additional support with alcohol issues.  

It is expected that most people will engage with Fresh Start for around 6 weeks before moving to one of the range of community services if required.  The referral choices will include options of abstinence service or detoxification where appropriate.

For further information, or to make a referral for yourself or someone you know, call;

        Bradford Fresh Start (at Bridge Project)              01274 758093         

Airedale Fresh Start (at Project 6)                        01535 610180

Anyone wanting help for alcohol problems should call;

                                                          The Piccadilly Project                                         01274 758093

Download the Bradford Recovery Newsletter "Roadmap" by clicking on the links below;
Issue 2: October 2012 - Click here to download
Issue 1: August 2012  - Click here to download 


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