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Welcome to the new Drug and Alcohol website for the Bradford and Keighley area. This website is still being developed but already has plenty of information about how to get help if you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem. There are links to our local directory of services which has full details of all the services available to help support someone with their drug or alcohol problems.

There is also information to help concerned others get help for themselves. There are links to national websites that will give detailed information about the harm that drugs and alcohol can cause and what can be done to reduce this harm. Most importantly this will be The Website to use when you want to find out what is happening locally to support people to reach and maintain Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol.

If you have any comments on the content of the website, or you would like your service to be included in the directory of services then please send an email to including your contact details.

Drugs: Get the Facts

Get the facts about drugsDrugs: Get the Facts! Click below to find useful links and resources regarding drugs.

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Alcohol: Get the facts

Resources regarding alcoholClick below to find useful links and resources regarding alcohol.

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Need help with drugs

Services available to those with Drug problemsBradford and Airedale now have a wide range of services available to those with Drug problems

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Need help with Alcohol

Services for people with alcohol problemsBradford and Airedale have a range of services available to those with Alcohol problems.

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Recovery assistanceRecovery services and resources.

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Further info

Web site committed to supporting drug users The website is committed to supporting drug users, their families and drug workers.

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